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One of the first results of the Wetnet project is the identified similarity between the issues faced in the different partner regions.

Similar actors and objectives have been identified in the different selected pilot areas. Besides, the same difficulty was faced in mapping the conservation needs of protected areas with those of valorization, development and maintenance of economic activities.

These problems, together with the urgent necessity to solve both specific and latent conflicts between basic human needs and the protection of the environment, continue to reinforce the conviction that the Wetland Contract can be the right tool to try to bring together and harmonize the various interests and needs of all local communities and socio - economic factors.

The most interesting challenge is to clarify and explain what ecosystem services are being provided to the environment and the community through wetlands, and what their real value in economic terms is as well.
In fact, this is one of the main arguments to convince all the different actors that their contribution is essential to achieve viable and sustainable goals through pragmatic actions.

All project partners are involved in trying to incorporate the contents that were currently underdeveloped in the River Contract experiences.  This was done by using skills and expertise in the partnership so that they can provide a useful tool that can be used concretely throughout the wetlands of the Mediterranean countries.

I wish all the project partners a good job in the coming months that will be very challenging. (LP)







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