Empowering the Mediterranean Community: tools for ecosystem-based management

A capitalisation event by PANACeA

EMPOWERING THE MEDITERRANEAN COMMUNITY: TOOLS FOR ECOSYSTEM-BASED MANAGEMENT - Montenegro Open Seminar (16-17 May 2018) and MED Community Workshop (18 May 2018)

The Med Biodiversity Protection community featured by the PANACeA1 project – the organizer of this event - pursues a direct dialogue with major policy and management instruments affecting our common environment. The seminar aims to highlight and transfer latest knowledge, practical methodologies and tools developed by current EU and Mediterranean research, management and policy projects to stimulate a Mediterranean debate on ecosystem-based management and biodiversity conservation.
This Open Seminar is a step forward to showcase practical solutions developed and/or tested by the Biodiversity Protection Community in the Mediterranean through research projects, cooperation initiatives, environmental institutions and government programmes. Key players will have the opportunity to present and to learn from each other on best practices under way to protect Mediterranean ecosystems and biodiversity, with a special focus on the Adriatic region.

An ISPRA delegation will have the opportunity to introduce last output of MEDSEALITTER, with a special focus on the new observation protocol.